Wednesday Briefs

Each week a group of authors participate weekly in Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. Each instalment is 500-1000 words long and is posted to our blogs each week. After you read the latest in my story, click on the link at the end to visit other flashers.
Welcome to my first time as a Wednesday Briefs Flash.
I hope you enjoy!

Coffee to Stay
Chapter 1

Racing to work, I opened the coffee shop door without watching what I was doing, my focus on the hot cup in my hand. The thought of my first taste of caffeine in twelve hours was just too much to bear. I’m Mike Tennant and I am a coffee addict. Not any type of coffee but a short black, full of sweet goodness. Having spent a year in Brazil as an exchange student in my youth I’d been exposed to the wonders of coffee.

“Oi, watch where you’re going,” someone yelled as I crashed into them.

“Sorry,” I said.

Letting them walk around me, I took a sip of the hot liquid. I didn’t care I was in the middle of the footpath on busy Lambton Quay in morning rush hour. This would get me through the day as a telemarketer. I hated the job, but the commission was enough to pay my rent while I was on a break from studying law at university.  I could have gone home to work for daddy dearest. However, the thought of spending summer in Palmerston North did not appeal to me. Nor did the thought of living under the same roof as my parents.

“Excuse me,” someone asked behind me.

Turning with my coffee still on my lips, I almost spat the liquid gold out. In the city there were all types of people, a lot of beautiful model types. This man, however, was stunning. I took the cup from my lips and tried to smile only for the coffee to escape my lips and dribble down my chin. The man put his finger up to his chin and wiped the non-existing drool.  Quickly running my sleeve over my chin, I gave him my best smile.

“Thanks.” Iswapped the cup to my left hand before I accepted his held out hand.

“My fault. Didn’t mean to startle you, but I’m new here and wanted to ask where you bought your coffee?”

“Oh um, The Petri Dish, about four doors that way.” I pointed as people were rushing in and out.

“Name’s Mike.”

“Jayden.” He turned and walked away.

Shrugging, I headed to work hoping to get ten new clients today. I wondered what I had to try and sell today. Hopefully something more exciting than funeral plans. Only last week I had called someone and went straight into my spiel. Sadly, the dear old lady had just buried her husband that very morning. I hoped we would be doing market research, meaning we would get paid by the hour.

“Meeting in ten,” Cheryl called as we all logged in for the morning.

“Hey, Cher.“ I kissed her cheek.

Cheryl patted my cheek. “Hey, hun.”

Cheryl fed me twice a week insisting I ate healthily once in a while. Her two boys had left and started their own families and didn’t come home often enough to appease her motherly instincts. I wasn’t complaining, as she was a bloody wonderful cook and also great company. Once or twice, she even helped me with my cross-examination skills.

“So, what’s up this week?”

“No idea. We have a motivational speaker coming in first thing. An hour each day for the next week.” She shook her head.

“Seriously, when are they gonna stop wasting their money?”

Giggling, she hooked her arm in mine and we made our way to the staffroom where all the staff were sitting or leaning on every available surface. There were only twenty chairs for the fifty staff members. We always took breaks in shifts. Greeting my colleagues, I pushed Pete off his chair and let Cheryl sit. The chatter quietened when the boss walked in. Clapping his hands three times, silence filled the room. Cheryl and I rolled our eyes at the childish way of silencing everyone.

“I know you’re excited to meet our guest speaker, so I won’t keep you.” The boss smiled and opened the door.

My knees buckled as in walked Jayden, a cup from the Petri Dish in his hand.

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Chapter 2

My knees buckled as in walked Jayden, a cup from the Petri Dish in his hand.

How could I have thought he was stunning? He was perfect; black wavy hair that sat just on his shoulders, which were broad leading down to a small waist. His jeans showed thick muscled thighs and his package—which I always left to last—made me want to kneel before him and worship it even clothed.

A sharp jab hit my ribs forcing me to seek the cause of my pain. Cheryl’s elbow was about to connect again when Jayden began to speak. Our attention went back to the front of the room.

“I bet you’re all thinking why did they waste their money on another so-called motivator. Right?” Jayden looked around the room making eye contact with every single person.

Was it my imagination or did his eyes linger on mine for just a few more seconds longer than he did anyone else’s? Jayden’s eyes were emerald green, and with his dark long lashes and olive skin, they stood out even more. I yelped when I felt a sharp pain in my foot.

“Mike, are you okay?” Jayden asked.

“Yes,” I croaked out.

“Right. Well, if you’re sure, perhaps I can begin.” Jayden’s attention went to his left. I glared down to my left.

Cheryl had the decency to look guilty. She looked down at her pointed stiletto shoes. The room erupted into cheers. Looking up, I saw everyone with their hands up in the air. What had I missed? By the time my hands went up like everyone else’s, they had put theirs down and were silent. I didn’t even dare look at Jayden as everyone chuckled at my antics, putting my full attention on the spot just behind Jayden’s left shoulder

“This time I want you to mean it. Feel in your heart that you are going to be the best salesperson there is out there on the floor.”

Yep, just like all the others I thought to myself but went along with the load of bullshit.

Forty-five minutes later, he had everyone pumped and ready to hit the phones running. With one last cheer, he sent everyone out.  Even Cheryl seemed pumped and she raced out in the throng of people. I waited until it was clear and only Jayden and myself were left in the staffroom, the door swinging shut behind them. He began pushing chairs back into place and tidying up, and the whole time, I stood there with the chair Cheryl had vacated minutes before. When he turned, he looked shocked to see someone else in the room still.

“You okay, Mike?”

“All good, mate. So how was your coffee?”

“Best coffee I have ever tasted and I have had a lot of coffee in my twenty odd years.”  His hand rested on top of mine before pushing the chair under the table.
My heart fluttered while my cock grew. The green of his eyes seemed to eat into me like they were weighing me up. The tip of my tongue brushed against my lower lip before I pulled it in, chewing the now moist plumpness of my lips.

“I feel the same —just as good as what I had in Braz— “

“You are a sexy man, Mike.”

“Errr, thanks. You’re not bad yourself.”

“I KNEW IT!” He pumped the air with his fist.

“Knew what?”

He stepped to the side and pushed his body against mine. “Want to get a coffee?”

I stood there and nodded like one of those bobble head dolls.

“See you tomorrow at eight?” He pecked my cheek and was gone before I could agree where to meet him.

The rest of the day passed in a blur.

When my shift was over, I rushed to the door hoping to avoid Cheryl who had been trying to get my attention all day.

At lunchtime, I had bought a sandwich and ate it in the big seating area by the wharf. I watched the runners sweating as they did their usual thing of pleasure. The only form of exercise I believed in was bending the elbow. Be it a great coffee or at the sports bar with my fellow law students. Most my friends went to their respective hometowns to work the summer. However, Tim was still in town and I wondered what he would say when I tell him I had a date.

We had dated when we were in second year but found out we sucked at being more than friends.

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Chapter 3

The music was loud and hot bodies bumped into each other. But only one body mattered and that was the man in front of me. Long ago, our shirts had gone, the heat just too much for anyone. The lights showed off the glistening bodies. Not all were stunning, but it was certainly candy for the eye.  I had brought Jayden to this nightclub for a reason. Most nights, even in the middle of winter, the heat was unbearable. I swear they put the heating up on purpose so the punters would not only strip down but also consume the alcohol and water, forwhich they charged five dollars a bottle. But it was worth it when the club was full of sexy gay men only.

Jayden made a signal with his hand that he needed a drink. Nodding, I grabbed his hand and led him through the throng of people, making sure no one touched him. But no matter how hard I tried men groped at his body. A few ‘eeps’ from him let me know when someone had even managed to grab his arse or his pert, pierced nipples.  Making it to the bar, I put him in front of me and surrounded him with my arms, letting everyone knowhe was mine and they were not to touch.

“Two tuis,” I called out to Tim, who had scored the job at the last minute, which saved him giving up his room at the flat we shared with three other students.

Tim lifted his head in acknowledgement while he took money from a guy a few metres down the bar.  Jayden was still swaying to the music and his arse rubbed against my already throbbing cock. Brushing his damp hair away from his neck, I licked the sweat running down towards his shoulder. A shiver ran through his body. He halted his moving and allowed me to press him against the bar.

“‘Sup, dude?” Tim asked, greedily running his eye over Jayden.

“Need you ask?” I pressed further into Jayden’s arse.

A stupid grin crossed Tim’s face as he grabbed the cold glasses from the freezer and pulled the two pints of beer for us.  From either side of us, guys were calling out to Tim with their orders. He never took his eyes off Jayden, but nodded that he had heard the orders. The man had no shame of looking at the man I was on a date with.  I was just about to punch him in the face when another guy came to the bar and called his order. Tim’s attention left Jayden and he quickly put our drinks in front of us, taking my money.

“Change?” I yelled.

“I think he has seen something he likes.” Jayden nudged me with his arse.  

I looked over and there was none other than Darryl, his good-for-nothing ex, who had screwed him over and left him high and dry one night, and never got in contact until tonight. It took me weeks to get Tim to even get out of bed to get to school.

“Promise me to stay here. I will be right back.” Kissing Jayden’s neck after a nod of confirmation, I made my way over to the man. I wanted nothing more than to rip him a new one.

Tim was flushed and it wasn’t from the heat. Darryl was his everything, his forever as far as he was concerned, and hadn’t had more than one-night stands since him. I wouldn’t let this dick ruin my friend’s dreams again.  

“What you doing here?” I yelled over the music.

“Hey, Mike, what’s up?” he asked.

“Protecting Tim,” I growled.

“Mike, stop it,” Tim said in a loud whisper.

“Tim, he is a prick. I’m not letting you—” Before I could say anymore, a fist was coming towards my face courtesy of Darryl.  

I woke up with a start and let out a sigh. Darryl could have killed me with one punch. My body was drenched with sweat and my cock hard. I checked the clock and saw it was only eleven thirty. Flopping down on my back, I took my cock in my hand and began to stroke myself.


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