5* Review for No Worries, Mate

I am thrilled and over the moon to receive a 5* review for my first published story.


No Worries Mate by E.S. Skipper – 5 stars
Jake Bullock is tasked with taking photographs of a small, remote island in New Zealand for an upcoming magazine spread. He can hardly contain himself when he meets his Maori host and guide, Rangi, who proudly shows him all the beauty and ecological importance of his special little island.
Maori men…yum! I absolutely adored this story! Watching the two MCs slowly form a friendship that morphed into something even better was quite lovely and enjoyable. Rangi is charming, kind, highly intelligent and respectful; not only of Jake, but also of the precious island he adores. His easy smile and laid back attitude warmed both Jake’s and my heart. How Jake deals with island life, its simplicity and its many foreign creatures is incredibly endearing. Highly recommended!
How I envisioned Rangi…

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