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I’ve been tagged in a rolling meme blog post by Facebook friend and fellow writer Lily G. Blunt. The idea is that I answer four questions about my writing and tag two or  more fellow writers who pass on the torch in their turn. As Lily said in her post, “You have to be brave to venture onto Facebook these days!”


British born and raised, Lily G. Blunt is one incredible woman. She has a love of romance, but more so, the right kind—male/male. I’ve had the honour of knowing Lily for 7 months, although I know her mostly as Bob Loving. She has not only brought me into the publishing world holding my hand every single step of the way but taught me so much. She puts up with my terrible grammar and punctuation. And yes, she has edited this for me!

Not only does she write amazing stories—both short and long—she is also talented at making videos. She is a teacher through and through though and knows how to get the best out of me. I could write a whole book just about Lily, listing her many talents. But the main one for me is her love of getting new authors to go into writing.

Okay, so now her head is swollen, let’s talk about her writing. Lily takes great pride in her characters and it shines through onto the pages. I devour every single word she writes. Even the ones she deletes when asking me to look at something for her. If you haven’t read anything of Lily. G. Blunt’s stories I would suggest all of them. My personal favourite, however, is The Perfect Size for You. The novel she is working on at the moment (Paint the Sky) is coming along and can’t wait until she shows me the last two chapters. (hint! hint!)

So here’s my answers to the four questions…

What am I working on

This is actually a hard question to answer. I have so much going on, but I guess my main focus is my first attempt at a novel called ‘Writing Our Dance’. My inspiration came from two friends. Other than what they do the story isn’t about them as such. Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit. All respect to them they have loved what I have written about their characters. It is based in New Zealand, of course. It’s about a young talented writer, Nathan, who doesn’t know just how amazing he is. He attends an evening writing class and meets a lot of sweet, adorable ladies. But more importantly, he meets Phoenix, a former ballet dancer, who has been injured having cut his budding career short.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Other than it is set in NZ 99% of the time and uses my own words. Nothing. I don’t want to be like so many others and try and appeal to the American market. It’s a big world out there and want people to see a slice of my country. Even if it’s through the eyes of just a few of us.

Why do I write what I do?

I’m a true romantic at heart. I am not big on angst, not that I don’t use it. But I am not keen on it. Simple sweet romance with a lot of hot sex in between is what I write.

How does my writing process work?

Put my fingers on the keys and see what comes out. I know every writer has their own style. Some like to make notes and some like to do drafts. But I can’t write like that. I have tried, but the words are stiff and my characters have no spark. I sit down at my computer and let go. That is it. Just let go and give them free range. When I have finished, I read it and see what they have said. Believe me, sometimes I am just as shocked as my readers of what they have said. But I love them for it.


Okay, enough about me. It’s time to pass the torch over to other M/M romance authors.


I’m excited about Pelaam, also a kiwi author.



Another Facebook friend is Taylin Clavelli. And she can also kick anyone’s arse. So proud of my friend. 😀 I will let her share her news.

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Both will post their responses to the above questions on 3rd June. Tune in to see what they have to say about how they approach their craft.