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Collar Chapter 4



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Like every other day, it was overcast and threatening to rain. I looked out of the window while sitting on my bed and talking to Peter, Edward and Emmett’s last submissive, on the phone. He was full of praise for his former masters and I could tell he held them in great respect. The conversation turned to more personal aspects of the relationship, but my father interrupted the call. After quickly thanking Peter, I hung up the phone.

“Jake, you have a visitor,” my father called from the kitchen.

“Coming!” Walking out, I saw Embry standing there with tearstains on his cheek. “Ems, what’s wrong?” I asked, going towards him.

“Can we talk privately?” he asked.

“Sure. Come on. We can go for a walk.” I grabbed my jacket and told Dad I wouldn’t be long.

We walked down to the beach. Embry took my hand and pulled me to the sand.

“Leah got a phone call. Seth has been beaten up. Jesus, Jacob, that bastard hurt Seth because he hadn’t cleaned the toilet correctly. What kind of sick fuck did you live with?” he asked.

“What? Wait, no! You’re mistaken. Carlisle wouldn’t do anything to Seth. He was a good master,” I said. “But Seth, is he going to be okay?” As much as I hated Seth for taking my master from me, I was not so mad that I wanted to see him hurt.

“His mom has gone to see him. He will be fine, Jake, but God, why did you leave him there? You said Carlisle never hurt you like that.” He sighed.

‘He didn’t.’ I went to say, but it would’ve been a lie. He had beaten me when I first moved in, but he always told me it was for my own good, to make me a better submissive. Not even my safeword would stop him from beating me until I could hardly breathe.

“You knew this could happen, didn’t you?” Embry yelled at me, getting up and walking away.

Scrambling to my feet, I chased after him. “Em, Seth knew what he was getting into. Master is tough, but it’s to make him a better sub,” I tried to explain.

Before I knew it, Embry hit me right under the chin.

“Fuck!” I fell to the sand holding my jaw. “YOU DON’T FUCKING GET IT!” I shouted as he walked away from me.

He turned around without stopping. “I’ve tried, Jake, but you let someone hurt Seth and for that I will never fucking forgive you.” He turned and ran down the beach.

Sitting up, I watched as my best friend disappeared—possibly out of my life. Tucking my knees under my arms, I rested my sore chin on them.

“Jacob, it’s raining,” I looked up and saw Emmett standing there, his hands on his hips, panting. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he said, sitting beside me.

“I fucked up.” I turned my head away from him and wished I was with Embry.

“Want to talk about it?” he asked.

I looked at him to see if he was serious.

He lifted his eyebrow and smiled. “I’m a good listener.”

I didn’t know where to start, plus it was really beginning to rain.

“Come on. Let’s get a coffee,” he said, standing up, and pulling me with him.

We jogged to the car park and jumped into his Jeep. Emmett grabbed a towel from the back and quickly dried his hair before passing it to me. He turned the engine on and switched on the heater.

We drove to Forks and headed into the cafe where we both ordered coffee. The waitress was flirting openly with both of us. We just let her have her fun, with Emmett flirting back.

Once our coffee was in front of us, he rested his forearms on the table, his large hands around the cup. “So, what doesn’t your friend get?” he asked.

I took a deep breath. Did I really want to tell him? Would he and Edward think less of me, like my best friend did? “My cousin, Seth, has been beaten and is in hospital. My old master did it to him,” I admitted, looking at his face for any sign of disgust with me.

Emmett let out a deep breath. “Did he used to beat you?”

“Not recently. He only did it at the beginning to teach me right from wrong.” I licked my lips. “I thought he had changed,” I said, feeling foolish for thinking that. He would never change and I damn well knew it. I had grown bigger and stronger and perhaps he was fearful of my strength.

“So, what you going to do about it, Jacob?” he asked.

“How do you mean?”

“You’re going to let your old master go and hurt others?” he said, banging his hand on the table, making everything rattle. All eyes turned to us.

I whimpered and cowered. “I’m sorry,” I said, getting up and throwing money on the table before making a hasty retreat out of the cafe. I started jogging for home, only for Bella to stop as she drove past.

“How much?” She giggled as she let me jump in. One look at my face and she stopped. “Jake, everything okay?”

“No, can we not talk about it?” I asked.

“Sure. You’re soaked. Let’s get you back to your place,” she said as Emmett drove past without a backwards glance. Had I ruined my chances with him and Edward?

“Bells, can I borrow a couple hundred bucks?” I asked.

“Sure. Can I ask why?”

“I need to go deal with something in New York,” I said, looking out the window.

“You’re not going to do anything stupid, are you?” she asked.

“No, Bells. I’m going to do something I should’ve done a long time ago.” I looked at her and smiled. “Can you take me to the airport in the morning?”

She gave my hand a small squeeze and drove me home. Promising me she would book me a flight when she got home, she left as I opened the front door.

I rang the New York Police and made an appointment to see a Police officer in two days time. I then called Benjamin and asked if I could stay with him for a few days. He was a submissive who didn’t live with his master. He hated Carlisle, and when I explained the reason for my visit, he promised to come to the Police station with me.

All I had to do was call Edward and Emmett to tell them I would be out of town for a while. It was not a phone call I was looking forward to.

It was Edward who answered the call. “Jacob, what you are doing is a brave thing. Please give us a call when you get back,” he said. He hung up the phone without another word.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I tried to get an early night.

I found out which hospital Seth was in and planned to see him as soon as my flight landed. I just hoped he would forgive me for my stupidity.

I had nothing but time to think on the flight.

“You need to learn that when I tell you to do something, you do it properly the first time.” Carlisle shouted so close to me his spit hit my face.

“Sorry, Carlisle,” I sobbed. I thought the kitchen was spotless, however I had missed a spot on the floor.

He grabbed me at the back of my neck and pushed me down to the floor onto my knees. Pain shot right through my body. I yelped as his hand gripped harder, pushing my face closer to the floor.

“Lick it up, you disgusting beast.” He slammed my face to the floor. I heard my nose crack and blood pooled on the floor. “I said, lick it up.” He continued to slam my face down on the floor. I tried to keep awake, but failed.

When I woke up, I was in a different room. Looking around, I saw a man in a white coat.

“You’re finally awake,” he stated as he came over and took my wrist in his hand. “Your nose job will be perfect.” He smiled, dropping my hand and walking away.

I lifted my hand to my face. My nose was bandaged and very sore.

“Don’t touch it, boy,” he growled before walking out.

“Jake!” Carlisle voice woke me from my sleep. “I’m sorry it led to me hurting you, but you must learn. I expect nothing less than perfect,” he said.

“I didn’t see it,” I tried to explain. I had honestly missed the spot.

“Only talk when spoken to. I don’t want excuses,” he said, gripping my shoulder hard.

I screamed, but his large hand  smothered my mouth.

“Keep your mouth shut, you stupid boy,” he growled.

I nodded, too fearful to argue. I had only been with him a week. This was not part of the deal. I was supposed to be his submissive in the playroom only. The rest of the time, I was his friend, his lover. Yet, I was nothing more than his slave.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes and tried to fight them back. “New rules when we get home. You will walk out of here thanking Master Demetri,” he said, pulling me up.

My head was still spinning from the drugs they had given me. I couldn’t help myself. When I stood on my feet, I vomited all over the floor and his shoes. It earned me another round of punches to my head.

“Song!” I yelled. “SONG!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as I fell to the ground—this time, a foot to my stomach.

“You little cunt.” He spat on my face.

“Jesus, Carlisle, the boy has had enough for one day,” someone said, pulling him away from me.

I again went into darkness. This time with the smell of vomit that was now covering my face.

The next time I woke, I was in the guest bedroom in Carlisle’s apartment.

“Hello, Jake, how are you feeling?” Carlisle walked towards me. I went to move, but I was too sore. “You had a terrible tumble down the stairs,” he said, looking over his shoulder at a woman who was wearing a white uniform.

“Yes, Carlisle,” I whispered. He gave my hand a gentle pat.

“Good boy, now rest.” He left me alone with the nurse. It took me three weeks to recover, and even then, I was tender. However, it didn’t stop Carlisle wanting me in the playroom.

“Excuse me, sir. We are about to land. If you could put your seatbelt on,” the steward said, giving my shoulder a shake.

When I arrived in New York, I went straight to the hospital. Seth was in a ward and I had no problems getting into see him. Sue was asleep on the chair. I took Seth’s hand in mine and gave it a gentle squeeze. He opened his swollen eyes as much as he could. Carlisle had done a number on him. Never had he taken me anywhere but to the same doctor who fixed me up and sent me back to Carlisle. Why had he let Seth go?

“Jake,” he groaned. I pressed his hand to my lips.

“I’m sorry, Seth. I’m so fucking sorry,” I sobbed.

“Master, where is master?” Seth asked.

“I don’t know. Did he do this to you?” I asked.

“No, he is a good master,” he said, but turned his head when he said it. Seth had never been one to lie. He sucked at it since we were children. I could always tell when he was lying.

“Seth, please, he is a bad master,” I said.

“NO! Good,” he sobbed.

“Leave my son alone, Jacob,” Sue said, waking up at her distressed son’s voice.

“Forgive me, Sue. I’m going to the Police to report Carlisle.” I looked at my stressed cousin before giving his hand one more gentle squeeze.

“Get out,” Seth said. “Get out,” he sobbed.

Sue pushed the buzzer and a nurse came in.

“I think perhaps it would be better that you leave,” the nurse said.

“He will pay for this.”



New Series Coming Soon!

I’m very excited to announce that I have completed the first draft of a series I have been working on. There is a long way to go, but it’s still exciting news and I wanted to share with all of you who have been waiting.
I can’t tell you much more at this stage, but watch this space.
I will start posting more often with progress and a few small snippets as the book progresses.
Keep it real peeps.

Collar Chapter 5



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Chapter 5

Nobody said it was going to be easy.

The officer didn’t seem particularly interested in my complaint. Benjamin asked if we could see another officer.

When the officer left, Ben took my hand to try and stop the bouncing of my leg. “You can do this, Jake. Go into your space,” he said, smiling at me.

I shook my head. I couldn’t go there. Not here.

I needed to focus on remembering the pain of the beatings. I was not talking about in the playroom. In there, I was safer than I was anywhere else with Carlisle. Only once had he turned aggressive. Today I still wore the welt mark of the buckle on my inner thigh. The moment he did it, he snapped out of his anger and removed the restraints. He cradled me in his arms as I came out of my subspace. That was the last time he beat me in real life. Although, the verbal abuse, name-calling and put downs don’t leave physical marks, they leave mental scars. Just like physical ones, they will never go away.

How he went from white collar to blue collar, I never knew. I guessed that is something else I needed to explain. There are two types of Doms. There are the white collar, who are normally wealthy doms. They like to have physical control. The more toys the happier they are. As for the blue collar Doms, well, they are more mentally aggressive. Of course, they like to have physical dominance as well, but the verbal abuse is less than pleasant. I would never have a blue collar Dom. Funny when you think about it, Doms are given names of different collars.

“Mr Black, my name is Detective Alex White. I have been asked to conduct this interview.” He smiled as he sat down across from me.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” I looked at Benjamin, who took my hand in his.

“Forgive my colleague. He doesn’t understand the lifestyle that some of us choose.” He opened the file and began to read it. I looked over at him and realised I’d seen him at the club Carlisle had taken me to. It was owned by a wealthy Dom. He had opened a club where you could find either a Dom or a sub, but mainly it was for Doms to find themselves a willing sub already looking for a Dom.

Alex looked up at me and smiled. “Jacob, what you are doing is a good thing. It’s people like you who can help to make the lifestyle safer.” He closed the file and entwined his hands together.

“You’re a Dom,” I whispered.

Closing his eyes, he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Mr Black, or may I call you Jacob?”


He gave a smile and nodded. “In here, we are equal. I leave that at home where it belongs.”

“What will happen to my old master?” I asked.

“Depends on how much you tell us and any evidence you have.”

“My cousin is lying in a hospital bed, beaten to a bloody pulp. What more evidence do you need?” I growled. I heard Benjamin whimper and he gripped my hand firmly. “He almost killed me and he will keep doing it if someone doesn’t stop him.”

Six hours later, Benjamin helped me to his car. I was totally spent after reliving the horrors of the last two years of my life. Looking back now, I was a fool and should’ve left the first time he beat me.

As I sat in the car, I heard the detective call out to Benjamin. Shutting the door behind me, he went towards the detective. I couldn’t hear what was being said, but the body language was clear. I couldn’t help but smile before closing my eyes. The day had been long and painful. They were going to call Carlisle in for questioning as soon as possible. I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t arrest him straight away and throw away the key.

“Do you think Seth will talk?”

I looked over at my friend and shook my head. Seth was scared of Carlisle. I knew the feeling. Even though he was no longer my master, he instilled the fear of God into me.

It was on my third trip to be fixed after a beating from Carlisle that Aro decided he needed paying. Not with money, but rather, my ass. When I woke up again in his surgery room, I found myself on my stomach, my hands cuffed to the bed rails. The room was empty and I tried in vain to take them off. This time, my leg was in a cast because Carlisle had stomped on it. The pain was beyond anything I’d felt before. I couldn’t even remember what I had done to deserve the beating. The pain didn’t ease until he shoved pills down my throat, which made me feel like I was floating. Next thing I remember was waking up cuffed to a bed.

“Glad to see you’re awake, boy,” Carlisle said, coming towards me and turning my head toward him. “You are costing me a lot of money, boy. It’s time you earned your keep.” He roughly kissed me and stepped back, unzipping his pants. “Suck my cock, boy, and make it the best fucking blow job you have ever given me,” he ordered. His hand went and slapped my ass, making me yelp. I needed to get into my subspace, but he didn’t give me time. He pulled my hair and thrust his cock into my mouth, making me gag. “Don’t be a little cunt and take it all. You have a big enough mouth when you scream.” He again slapped my ass. I relaxed my throat trying to take him all in, but continued to gag. Every time I did, he would smack my ass. I felt another pair of hands on my hips and my lower body lifted from the bed.

“Want a hand, Master Carlisle?”

“Fuck the fucker for your pay.” He laughed as he pushed my head further into his groin. I felt my legs put into something metal and my ass spread wide. “Gotta get me one of those,” Carlisle said, slapping my ass again. He pulled his cock from my mouth, letting my head drop to the pillow. He walked to the end of the bed where I could no longer see him. “Fuck, would you look at that.”

I started breathing deeply, making my mind as clear as possible. I could not think of anything. I had to zone out to get into my subspace. Deep in my breathing, I knew I could forget the pain. I felt something shoved up my ass without any preparation. I let out a scream and tried to get the thing out of me.

“Shut up, you little bastard.” I was whipped on the back with a riding crop. I knew the feel of it anywhere. Whatever was in my ass was cold and painful. It was spreading my ass and I felt the tearing of my muscles.

“Please, stop,” I cried out as I continued to be stretched. The bed seemed to disappear from beneath me, only my chest and torso on a surface.

“If a woman can do this, then so can you,” Aro said again, stretching me. “God, I love how wide he is for me.” He laughed. Large hands started massaging my ass painfully. “You scream like a girl, so I will fuck you like a girl,” Aro said, giving my ass one last smack.

I turned my head into the pillow and slowed my breathing down as much as possible. I had to find the place I went when I needed to be in my deep subspace, to hand myself over to the pain. Clearing my mind of everything I could, I thought of my family first. They were gone. I thought of my friend, Embry, and the love I felt for him. He was gone. With each deep breath, one by one, they were leaving so that I didn’t exist. I was nothing but a shell of the man I was. I was no longer Jacob Black. I was getting into being able to take the pain that my body normally relished, desired, needed. I was nothing. My breathing remained slow and calm. My mind went blank from the pain. I still felt the pain, but it was pleasurable rather than unbearable. I was a bad boy needing to be punished. I just hoped that I would be pulled out of my space. If Carlisle had one ounce of a soul, he would bring me back because right then I was gone. I felt nothing but humiliation. There were no walls, no bed, no ceiling. Floating into nothingness my goal, my subspace.

“Jake, come back to me, honey.” I felt a small hand on my cheek. I opened my eyes as soft lips met mine. “You left me there for a while,” Benjamin said, smiling. He continued to bring me from my bad place. I let my breathing come back to normal and gave him a smile as he looked into my eyes. “Welcome back.” He gave me one last kiss and turned the ignition on. “Let’s get you home to bed.”



Wednesday Brief


Chapter 3

The music was loud and hot bodies bumped into each other. But only one body mattered and that was the man in front of me. Long ago, our shirts had gone, the heat just too much for anyone. The lights showed off the glistening bodies. Not all were stunning, but it was certainly candy for the eye.  I had brought Jayden to this nightclub for a reason. Most nights, even in the middle of winter, the heat was unbearable. I swear they put the heating up on purpose so the punters would not only strip down but also consume the alcohol and water, forwhich they charged five dollars a bottle. But it was worth it when the club was full of sexy gay men only.

Jayden made a signal with his hand that he needed a drink. Nodding, I grabbed his hand and led him through the throng of people, making sure no one touched him. But no matter how hard I tried men groped at his body. A few ‘eeps’ from him let me know when someone had even managed to grab his arse or his pert, pierced nipples.  Making it to the bar, I put him in front of me and surrounded him with my arms, letting everyone knowhe was mine and they were not to touch.

“Two tuis,” I called out to Tim, who had scored the job at the last minute, which saved him giving up his room at the flat we shared with three other students.

Tim lifted his head in acknowledgement while he took money from a guy a few metres down the bar.  Jayden was still swaying to the music and his arse rubbed against my already throbbing cock. Brushing his damp hair away from his neck, I licked the sweat running down towards his shoulder. A shiver ran through his body. He halted his moving and allowed me to press him against the bar.

“‘Sup, dude?” Tim asked, greedily running his eye over Jayden.

Need you ask?” I pressed further into Jayden’s arse.

A stupid grin crossed Tim’s face as he grabbed the cold glasses from the freezer and pulled the two pints of beer for us.  From either side of us, guys were calling out to Tim with their orders. He never took his eyes off Jayden, but nodded that he had heard the orders. The man had no shame of looking at the man I was on a date with.  I was just about to punch him in the face when another guy came to the bar and called his order. Tim’s attention left Jayden and he quickly put our drinks in front of us, taking my money.

“Change?” I yelled.

“I think he has seen something he likes.” Jayden nudged me with his arse.  

I looked over and there was none other than Darryl, his good-for-nothing ex, who had screwed him over and left him high and dry one night, and never got in contact until tonight. It took me weeks to even get Tim out of bed to get to school.

“Promise me to stay here. I will be right back.” Kissing Jayden’s neck after a nod of confirmation, I made my way over to the man. I wanted nothing more than to rip him a new one.

Tim was flushed and it wasn’t from the heat. Darryl was his everything, his forever as far as he was concerned, and hadn’t had more than one-night stands since him. I wouldn’t let this dick ruin my friend’s dreams again.  

“What you doing here?” I yelled over the music.

“Hey, Mike! What’s up?” he asked.

“Protecting Tim,” I growled.

“Mike, stop it,” Tim said in a loud whisper.

“Tim, he is a prick. I’m not letting you—” Before I could say anymore, a fist was coming towards my face courtesy of Darryl.  

I woke up with a start and let out a sigh. Darryl could have killed me with one punch. My body was drenched with sweat and my cock hard. I checked the clock and saw it was only eleven thirty. Flopping down on my back, I took my cock in my hand and began to stroke myself.


Wednesday Brief 28/05/14


 Coffee to Stay

Chapter 2

My knees buckled as in walked Jayden, a cup from the Petri Dish in his hand.

How could I have thought he was stunning? He was perfect; black wavy hair that sat just on his shoulders, which were broad leading down to a small waist. His jeans showed thick muscled thighs and his package—which I always left to last—made me want to kneel before him and worship it even clothed.

A sharp jab hit my ribs forcing me to seek the cause of my pain. Cheryl’s elbow was about to connect again when Jayden began to speak. Our attention went back to the front of the room.

“I bet you’re all thinking why did they waste their money on another so-called motivator. Right?” Jayden looked around the room making eye contact with every single person.

Was it my imagination or did his eyes linger on mine for just a few more seconds longer than he did anyone else’s? Jayden’s eyes were emerald green, and with his dark long lashes and olive skin, they stood out even more. I yelped when I felt a sharp pain in my foot.

“Mike, are you okay?” Jayden asked.

“Yes,” I croaked out.

“Right. Well, if you’re sure, perhaps I can begin.” Jayden’s attention went to his left. I glared down to my left.

Cheryl had the decency to look guilty. She looked down at her pointed stiletto shoes. The room erupted into cheers. Looking up, I saw everyone with their hands up in the air. What had I missed? By the time my hands went up like everyone else’s, they had put theirs down and were silent. I didn’t even dare look at Jayden as everyone chuckled at my antics, putting my full attention on the spot just behind Jayden’s left shoulder

“This time I want you to mean it. Feel in your heart that you are going to be the best salesperson there is out there on the floor.”

Yep, just like all the others I thought to myself but went along with the load of bullshit.

Forty-five minutes later, he had everyone pumped and ready to hit the phones running. With one last cheer, he sent everyone out.  Even Cheryl seemed pumped and she raced out in the throng of people. I waited until it was clear and only Jayden and myself were left in the staffroom, the door swinging shut behind them. He began pushing chairs back into place and tidying up, and the whole time, I stood there with the chair Cheryl had vacated minutes before. When he turned, he looked shocked to see someone else in the room still.

“You okay, Mike?”

“All good, mate. So how was your coffee?”

“Best coffee I have ever tasted and I have had a lot of coffee in my twenty odd years.”  His hand rested on top of mine before pushing the chair under the table.

My heart fluttered while my cock grew. The green of his eyes seemed to eat into me like they were weighing me up. The tip of my tongue brushed against my lower lip before I pulled it in, chewing the now moist plumpness of my lips.

“I feel the same —just as good as what I had in Braz… “

“You are a sexy man, Mike.”

“Errr, thanks. You’re not bad yourself.”

“I KNEW IT!” He pumped the air with his fist.

“Knew what?”

He stepped to the side and pushed his body against mine. “Want to get a coffee?”

I stood there and nodded like one of those bobble head dolls.

“See you tomorrow at eight?” He pecked my cheek and was gone before I could agree where to meet him.

The rest of the day passed in a blur.

When my shift was over, I rushed to the door hoping to avoid Cheryl who had been trying to get my attention all day.

At lunchtime, I had bought a sandwich and ate it in the big seating area by the wharf. I watched the runners sweating as they did their usual thing of pleasure. The only form of exercise I believed in was bending the elbow. Be it a great coffee or at the sports bar with my fellow law students. Most my friends went to their respective hometowns to work the summer. However, Tim was still in town and I wondered what he would say when I tell him I had a date.

 We had dated when we were in second year but found out we sucked at being more than friends.

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