E. S. Skipper



Kia ora

Mmmm… so told to say something about myself to let you know a little bit more about me. In all honesty, I’m a pretty normal person with a normal life, except I like to tell a yarn or two.

I got hooked into fanfiction a few years back and was encouraged by a friend to try writing something because I was always complaining about some writers not studying the lifestyle of people. So putting fingers to keys, I came up with my first story, ‘Collar’. The excitement after receiving the first few reviews led me into wanting more, so quickly the second chapter came to life.

A fan of my story asked me to join a fanfiction site on Facebook. I was rather reserved, but soon began to make friends. I had people telling me the stories would be better if I got a beta to fix my grammar. So taking the plunge, I put a request out for someone who was willing to take on a lot of hard work. Not only is my grammar shocking, but I use English spelling rather than American, which I have to admit is a very hard habit to break. Also a lot of New Zealand sayings find their way into my stories.

I had someone accept my request and I met the amazing and wonderful Lily G. Blunt who took up the challenge. It took me a few weeks to not only write the chapter but to also have the balls to send it to her. She became my mentor, and more importantly, a very dear friend. Even if she does use her teacher’s voice on me from time to time.

My confidence as a writer grew, and after a few months, she said you should publish one day. I, of course, with my lack of confidence laughed it off. It wasn’t until one day she told me about a new publishing house. They gave authors one word and a limit of 15k to work with. My heart raced and suddenly Jake and Rangi were awoken and thus ‘No Worries, Mate’ was born. Eight hours later, I let Lily get her hands on it. She had watched my boys come to life thanks to the magic of Google docs. She spent hours upon hours going through the story making it readable. Submitting a story isn’t just a simple task of writing and sending it off. None of which I would have had a clue to do. But once again, Lily held my hand throughout the whole process.

My personal life consists of a husband, two boys, and a little princess who thinks she rules the house. See… boring! Of course, I love to read and write, but also spend time with my family. I love glass art with a passion. I love my hometown and my country and will probably mainly write my stories based on the country and people I know.

I am honoured and proud to be an author at Wayward Ink Publishing.

You can find E.S Skipper’s author’s page on Facebook





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